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Welcome to the Sea of Dragons, a persistent world dedicated to bringing back the flavor of the old DnD pen and paper sessions. We've tried to steer away from making yet another server that just provides countless creatures to kill and instead have focused on making a world filled with interesting dialogue, quests that change based on your actions, and uses for all those skills that you never used before. Sea of Dragons does not guide players along a pre-determined path, but still has the open-world feel. You can explore where you wish, when you wish. We just advise that you gather your party first before heading into your own personal adventure.

We have implemented much custom content, both from the Vault and also those of our own making to help the world run more smoothly and aid in our overall goal. Game mechanics should be used to encourage role-play, and that is what you will find out as you explore Sea of Dragons. Among other things, you can retrieve spent arrows, hunt and cook food, collect bounties on special spawns, and even use your skills to to find food and useful items. And that's just a small portion of what we have included.

If you want to find some hints and tips about the server, or just want a small amount of knowledge about the region, click on The Moonsea. Horatio de Valla, intrepid explorer of the southern Moonsea, will be glad to help you out, whether it's telling tales or letting you read his dusty journal. There's no reason to step into an unknown land blindly, unless that is your sense of adventure. It is your choice, however.

And finally, don't forget to click on the other links as well. We have a comprehensive list of all the custom content implemented, the changes we have made to NWN2, various miscellaneous features, and a slew of other information about our server. Browse through the forum if you need anything additional. Our staff is always glad to set you in the right direction or answer any questions you may have about us. So is there anything else? Of course! Connect to the server and enjoy immersing yourself in The Forgotten Realms!

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